Update from the Philippines, Part 1



Cameron and Nick of the Siler Lab are joined in the Philippines by Sam Noble Museum Invertebrates Curator, Dr. Katrina Menard, University of South Dakota Herpetology PhD candidate, Drew Davis, and Yale University Post-Doc Dr. Oliver Griffith.  All five researchers, plus their Philippine field crew, have spent the last 1.5 weeks in Aurora Province, Luzon Island, Philippines and have collected ~380 herptiles (including 150+ chytrid skin swabs), 1000+ invertebrates, and 10 eDNA samples (first of their kind in the Philippines!).  They are now relocating to the Bicol Peninsula of Luzon Island because they have been unable to find enough Brachymeles (the focal genus for the Siler Lab project on skink limb development).

View photos of the trip so far:

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