Geographic Variation in Philippine Mimicry System: Hypothesized Widespread Coral Snake (Hemibungarus calligaster ) Mimicry by Lepidopteran Larvae (Bracca sp.) on Luzon Island, Philippines

Siler, C. D. & L. J. Welton. 2010
Herpetological Review.

In this note, we question the hypothesis of a widespread case of mimicry, report on additional observations of the sympatric association of Bracca and Hemibungarus , and compare banding and color patterns between two subspecies of Hemibungarus  and the sympatric lepidopteran from Luzon Island, Philippines.  These observations suggest that a mismatch in color and pattern exists between the model (snake) and potential mimic (lepidopteran larvae) across their range of sympatry in the northern Philippines.  The sympatric occurrence and striking morphological similarity between snakes and caterpillars seems to be restricted to the Bicol Peninsula of Luzon Island.

Hemibungarus calligastercaterpillar mimic