Pseudogekko Split


Gecko lizards in the Philippines are quite diverse covering multiple genera, body types, and sizes, yet much of that diversity has gone undocumented.  Pseudogekko is an example of a little known Philippine endemic genus, with only four representative species.  Recent field surveys by Dr. Siler and colleagues have resulted in new  data indicating that these four species should be split into multiple others, based on morphology, genetics, and biogeography.  This article illustrates the split of Pseudogekko compresicorpus into three additional species, P. chavacano (Zamboanga False Gecko), P. ditoy (Leyte Diminutive False Gecko), and P. pungkaypinit (Southern Philippine False Gecko).  So few specimens had ever been collected of P. compresicorpus that four species have as one widespread species for close to a century.  The poor sampling of the Pseudogekko genus has also led to a lack of understanding of its current conservation status.   Additional Pseudogekko species are likely to be discovered with future biodiversity studies and genetic analysis.

Siler, C.D., L.J. Welton, D.R. Davis, J.L. Watters, C.S. Davey, A.C. Diesmos, M.L. Diesmos, and R.M. Brown. 2014. Taxonomic revision of the Pseudogekko compresicorpus complex (Reptilia: Squamata: Gekkonidae), with descriptions of three new species. Herpetological Monographs 28: 110–139. pdf