Marie Nguyen Biography



Marie isĀ from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and is a senior undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma. She is majoring in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology. Her hobbies include hanging out with friends, cooking, playing the piano and singing, painting and drawing, playing flag football and volleyball, attending her youth group, going on small herping trips with friends, and traveling.

Marie’s interest in Biology began in high school and continued to thrive in college. Her interest in volunteering in the Siler lab stems fromĀ having taken both Dr. Cameron Siler’s Herpetology class and Dr. Geoff Carpenter’s Field Herpetology class, in which she had gained much knowledge about the field of herpetology. Marie has also exerienced field work and specimen processing from her assistance in both classes.

After finishing her degree in Biology, Marie plans on attending medical school sometime in the future. She has a passion for helping people and loves children, and therefore hopes to pursue a career in pediatric medicine. Her ultimate goal is to visit smaller countries with areas that need more medical attention, such as her parents’ home country, Vietnam, and provide medical care to families who are less fortunate. She will, however, continue being a herpetology enthusist no matter where she is in her life.