Liza Marhanka Biography



Liza Marhanka is from Dallas, Texas and is a junior undergraduate at the University of Oklahoma.  She is majoring in Biology with a focus on animal studies and a minor in French. Her favorite pastimes include being outside, exploring new parts of the world, reading fiction, and online shopping.

She is currently pre-veterinarian with hopes of beginning veterinarian school in 2017.  Her passion for animals began after the BP oil spill when realized her love for animals was beyond wanting a pet to cuddle with but bettering the world for every living creature.  Thanks to the Biology department and the support of her teachers (including Dr. Gibson, Dr. Siler, and Dr. Broughton), her passion has only blossomed more and her assurance in what she wants to do with her future has only grown.

In Fall of 2015, Dr. Siler taught a class on Evolution, which Liza attended.  Then in Spring 2015, she joined the McNair Scholars Program.  Through this program, minority students who are pursuing graduate school are aided through the process of research and present their findings at a national convention in the Spring.  Dr. Siler’s passion for science and herpetology made it an easy choice for her to join the research projects at the Sam Noble Museum to fulfill her McNair Scholar’s requirements.