Highlights from the field: Oklahoma



We have been extremely busy in SE Oklahoma this Spring! ¬†So busy that we have fallen behind on updating our field blogs ūüôā

Below are some highlights from the most recent trips.  We hope to get more info out to you all soon.

April 10-12: McGee Creek WMA, Stringtown WMA (Jessa Watters, Elyse Freitas, Rachel Flanagan, Dylan Lindauer, Matt DeRuyter)

April 24-26: Robbers Cave WMA, James Collins WMA (Jessa Watters, Nick Huron, Rachel Flanagan). At this location, where we were also interviewed by journalist Dan Bewley.

May 12-15: Fobb Bottom WMA, Hickory Creek WMA, University of Oklahoma Biological Station (Jessa Watters, Nick Huron, Matt DeRuyter; assisted by Field Herpetology course and Dr. Geoff Carpenter)

May 26-29: Pushmataha WMA, Ouachita WMA (Nick Huron, Aaron Geheber, Elyse Ellsworth)

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