Featuring our Graduating Seniors: Marie Nguyen



This is the third in a series featuring the 2016 OU graduates who are members of the Siler Lab.  In their own words, they will highlight the experiences they had with us as students, volunteers and/or employees. To read about past Siler Lab graduates, start here.


My experience at the University of Oklahoma is one that I will also remember and be proud to look back at. I learned more of who I am and gained more confidence in myself and my abilities. I received a great education and I admire many of my mentors and those who had helped me get to where I am today. One of these mentors is none other than Dr. Cameron Siler.

My first encounter with Cam was through his Herpetology class in the Spring of 2015. I never would have thought that I would take a Herpetology class. I was terrified of snakes and was not very fond of amphibians and reptiles in general. However, my dear friend, Alyssa Anwar, convinced me that Cam was a great professor and that I would enjoy the class. My first experience with Herpetology was nothing that I would ever expect from the course. I did not think I would come out of the class asking Alyssa how I would join the Siler lab at the Sam Noble Museum just to continue to be exposed to Herpetology. I love going “herping” and learning how to process and volunteering in the lab. Now, whenever I see a “herp” I am so eager to catch it and identify it.

It was so great to work in the Siler lab, not only because of the “herps”, but also because of the people. It was great to work and know Cameron, Jessa, and everyone else in the lab. I am very thankful to have great friends and mentors from the Siler lab. Even though my future goals involve medicine, I have such great appreciation for the field of herpetology and I will always remember everything that I have learned from the classes and the lab.