Graduate student returns from Tibet and China



Kai Wang, recent graduate of Washington State University, will be joining the Siler Lab in July 2015 as a Master’s Student.  Prior to his arrival here in Oklahoma, Kai spent time in the field in China and Tibet.

Kai was in western Yunnan Province (specifically Tenchong and Husa) in China, from April 15-25 doing an independent research study on a species of Tylotriton newt.

Kai then traveled to eastern Tibet with herpetologists from the Kunming Institute of Zoology (KIZ) for one month to help finish up their five-year survey of the Tibetan herpetofauna. They flew from Kunming to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, and then drove along 317 National Freeway eastward to northwestern Sichuan; after that they drove southwestward to re-enter Tibet along the 318 National Freeway to return to Yunnan Province. (see map)