Featuring our Graduating Seniors: Alyssa Anwar



This is the fifth in a series featuring the recent OU graduates who are members of the Siler Lab.  In their own words, they will highlight the experiences they had with us as students, volunteers and/or employees.  Begin the series here with Rachel Flanagan.

My year in the herpetology lab was an incredible experience, full of learning and experiencing new things.  I had the privilege and honor of spending quite a bit of my time working with PhD student, Greg Jongsma.  He taught me so much while working in the collection.  His genuine love of knowledge and passion for his work makes him an incredible researcher and teacher. As I continued in the lab, I got to know Jessa Watters, Dr. Siler, Elyse, and Nick better.  Everyone works as a collective group to get things done, and I greatly enjoy the cultivation of such an environment in the lab.  We shared many experiences in the lab and in the field.  Working with everyone in the lab has been one of a kind.  I look forward continuing my career into academia, and to continue my relationships with everyone in the lab.

Alyssa spent the summer as Teen Volunteer Coordinator at the Sam Noble Museum and is currently seeking graduate opportunities in Herpetology.