Dylan Lindauer Biography



I am currently a Senior studying Biology at the University of Oklahoma. I discovered my passion for chemistry and biology in high school and I knew I would want to major in one of them in college. After switching majors a couple of times from Chemistry to Biochemistry, I finally decided I enjoyed Biology the most. Biology allows you the chance to understand how humans and other organisms function and it even allows you to get messy and take a hands on approach to gain a fuller understanding (personally, I think dissection is pretty cool). Thanks to several great professors (Dr. Thompson and Dr. Gibson) at the University of Oklahoma, I became even more passionate and sure of my decision to graduate with a Biology degree.

In addition, I am pre-med and I hope to begin medical school in 2016. I aspire to be a doctor without borders, providing medical treatment to those who cannot afford it. My goal in life is to help those who are less fortunate receive good medical care, so that maybe one day, they too can find a passion that helps someone else.

In Fall of 2014, Dr. Siler taught a class on Evolution. With his enthusiasm for the subject and his passion for herpetology, I became interested in working in his lab. I look forward to gaining knowledge about herpetology and developing research skills that can help in my future education. Also, I am excited to help work with other professionals and volunteers in the lab. I hope my knowledge can help expand the field of herpetology.