Daniel Nguyen Biography



Daniel recently graduated from the University of Oklahoma in the Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in the field of Biology, as well as a Chemistry minor. In the Fall, he will be attending the University of Oklahoma Health & Sciences Center to pursue a career in Pharmacy. He was born in Alexandria, Virginia and has lived in Maryland and Florida before finally moving to Lawton, Oklahoma in 2007. Some of his many hobbies include traveling and art. Daniel has traveled to Germany, Italy, China, Vietnam, Korea, Canada, and many states within the United States and he plans to continue traveling throughout his life. Art has always been a major part of his life and he even competed in art competitions in high school. Recently, he has become quite proficient in graphic art and use of the Adobe Creative Suite and loves learning more about it.

Initially, Daniel’s main biological interests lied within the field of Ichthyology and Marine Biology. This lead him to take the Reservoir Fish Ecology course at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station. He then fell in love with the Biological Station and decided to take another course the following year. When he took the Field Herpetology course at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station with Dr. Geoffrey Carpenter, his interest in Herpetology grew immensely. Following the course, he enrolled into Herpetology with Dr. Cameron Siler and was an undergraduate teaching assistant for the Field Herpetology course the next year. As of right now, Herpetology is not a part of Daniel’s future career and he plans to maintain it as a hobby, but he hopes that someday his Pharmacy and Herpetology paths will cross.