Conner Davey Biography



Conner Davey joined our lab two years ago as a collection volunteer and then became an undergraduate honors research assistant last year. He is currently is a senior at the University of Oklahoma. He hails from the small town of Goldsby, Oklahoma, a truly long drive from campus (all of 10 minutes). As a zoology major, he is interested in Herpetology and Medicine, and hopes to find ways to tie the two of these interests together throughout his career. He is still weighing his options for graduate school or medical school, but is interested in studying Oncology. His ultimate dream would be to work with amphibian and reptile venoms the field to study proteins that could be applied to medical research programs. Conner has a background of raising reptiles his entire life and stands by the promise to always have at least one pet snake at all times. He takes advantage of any chance he gets to survey species around the Norman area. At OU, he has been a member of the Presidential Leadership Class and the Chair of OU’s Relay for Life for the last two years. We are excited to have him in our lab!