Conferences, conferences, and more conferences!



This Spring, the Siler Lab has been busy participating in local conferences.

In February, Jessa Watters attended the Oklahoma Natural Resources Conference in Tulsa, OK, where she networked worked with state wildlife officials, and presented the following talk: Oklahoma Amphibian Infectious Disease Sampling: Preliminary Results and Future Recommendations. 

In early April, undergraduates Liza Marhanka and Shelby McMillin presented posters at OU’s Undergraduate Research Day in Norman, OK:

  • Preliminary Screening for Ranavirus in Southeast Oklahoma, by Liza Marhanka et al.
  • Seasonality in Ranavirus Detection in Central Oklahoman Amphibians, by Shelby McMillin et al.

In mid-April, Jessa Watters and Elyse Ellsworth both presented posters at the 34th Annual Meeting for The Southwestern Association of Naturalists in Lawton, OK.

  • Detecting Native Aquatics Network (DNANet)—A novel biodiversity freshwater monitoring program for native aquatic and semi-aquatic species using Environmental DNA by Jessa Watters et al.
  • Ranavirus Detection in Southeastern Oklahoma Amphibians by Elyse Ellsworth et al.

Lastly, in early May, undergraduate Sarah Swiston presented at the OU Honor’s College First Year Research Experience (FYRE) research day with a poster entitled: Amphibian Infectious Disease in Oklahoma: A Citizen Science Project.

Jessa also looks forward to attending the annual meeting for the Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections in June 2017 in Denver, CO.  Jessa will attend several talks, workshops, and tours, as well as presenting a poster entitled: Citizen Science Involvement in Oklahoma Amphibian Infectious Disease Screening.

Updated 5/4/17