Brendan Heitz Biography



Brendan is a senior undergraduate student from Austin, Texas, majoring in biology with a minor in sports management at the University of Oklahoma. While Brendan ultimately has aspirations to work in the collegiate athletics world, he is not able to fully shed his interest in biology. Having taken both of Dr. Siler’s first two courses taught at the University of Oklahoma, Evolution and Herpetology, Brendan found a perfect opportunity to seek out a mentor for his undergraduate honors thesis. While his time in the lab is geared towards the writing of his thesis on a biological topic he finds interesting, he is also very excited to work with the Siler lab in their field work across the state of Oklahoma. Recently, Brendan has developed an interest in the growing practice of Environmental DNA (eDNA) and is considering writing his thesis over research on this practice.

Brendan’s interest in herpetology did not develop until Spring 2015 when he took Siler’s Herpetology course offered at the university. However, he now finds himself excited for each opportunity to go out into the field and improve his herp catching skills. Along with field work, Brendan looks forward to learning much more during his time in the Siler Lab.

Along with his career goals to work in college athletics Brendan has also interned with the OU Athletics Department, the Oklahoma City Dodgers, and the Oklahoma City Energy. He looks to graduate in Spring 2016 and attend graduate school for a masters’ degree in sports administration. Brendan also enjoys volunteering in Oklahoma City and spends time working with Rocktown Youth Mentoring and its pilot program Cycle Revolution. As an avid cyclist, Brendan is excited to see the cycling community grow all around the OKC area.