Boomer Sooner! Sooner settler me!



Upon researching what “Boomer Sooner” actually means, my mind wondered how boomers and sooners have actually made their way settling in and after, during the “Land Run of 1889.” This was the period when settlers could claim 160 acres of public land by way of a race, to claim that land. A boomer is a settler during that time who believed that unassigned lands were open to the public. A sooner is a settler who entered the sooner state, Oklahoma, before the designated time, who could either be classified as a “legal sooner” or a “moonshiner.” With that history as it was, I imagined it was a hell of a race, and an interesting life after that…

Settling-in in the sooner state Oklahoma was no-race for me at all, but was rather very convenient for me. I am lucky to work with a very organized host professor and a friend, who was able to contact OU Housing and Food office ahead of my projected arrival in Norman, Oklahoma. My temporary home is a furnished 4-bedroom, 2-bath (no bucket-only bathtub) apartment complex with awesome facilities.

I live with a very nice Hungarian friend, Zsanett, who I share recipes, stories and jokes, shopping, socials, work out at the gym, and travels!

Aside from all these, at work, I am working with good and happy people at the Herpetology Division of the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. My schedule allows me to spend enough time to write papers and work in the collection and be productive.

It wasn’t much of race for a sooner settler me, but sure it is an interesting life for me for two months now, and I bet it will still be! Now, I wonder, what would my life be after all thee…


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