Oklahoma BioBlitz! 2016



Last weekend, Siler Lab members joined in with 350+ other participants from around the state to sample biodiversity along Lake Texoma at the OU Biological Station for Oklahoma BioBlitz! 2016.  There were a total of 19 herpetological species documented, with two notable venomous snakes caught by graduate students Nick Huron and Joey Brown.  Graduate students also led an evening night hike to look for active night-time herps.  Collection Manager Jessa Watters led a demonstration of how to swab amphibians for the infectious disease chytridiomycosis.  During this demonstration, Joey also taught participants how to “tube” a venomous snake for safe handling.

We are excited to join in again for Oklahoma BioBlitz! 2017 to take place in the Oklahoma panhandle at Black Mesa State Park and Nature Preserve.