BioBlitz! 2014



Five members of the Siler Lab (Elyse Freitas, Greg Jongsma, Alyssa Anwar, Tucker Walton, and Rachel Flanagan) attended Oklahoma’s BioBlitz! 2014 at Washita Battlefield National Historic Site, Black Kettle National Grasslands, and the City of Cheyenne Park. ¬†They were joined by a few hundred other members of OU, other universities, and the general public. ¬†Check out more info here.

Read a first-hand account by undergraduate Alyssa Anwar:

“Bioblitz 2014 was in Cheyenne, Oklahoma this year, and it was the first time I had ever attended a Bioblitz. One of the members of our group had noted there is a low degree of disturbance in the grass lands of Cheyenne. There is little farming or oil rigging in that part of the state. It was such a neat experience to go exploring and see the biodiversity of grasslands in a relatively natural state. However, sharing that experience with friends who are just as excited about learning and discovering new things as I am will always be my favorite aspect of science. There are few phrases more satisfying to hear than, “me too! I thought I was the only one!”