A new loam-swimming skink, genus Brachymeles (Reptilia: Squamata: Scincidae) from the Bicol faunal region, Luzon and Catanduanes islands, Philippines

Siler, C. D., A. C. Diesmos & R. M. Brown. 2010
Journal of Herpetology.

We describe a new species of scincid lizard of the genus Brachymeles from the Luzon Faunal Region of the northern Philippines. We discovered the new species in the Camarines Norte Province of the Bicol Peninsula (Luzon Island) and Catanduanes Island. Until recently, the new species had been mistaken as Brachymeles talinis, a distantly allopatric yet morphologically similar, large-bodied congener from the central Philippines. The new species is the second-largest known species of Brachymeles and differs from its congeners by numerous external morphological features. It is the eighth known Brachymeles from the Luzon Faunal Region and the sixth pentadactyl species in the genus.