A new Gekko from the Babuyan Islands, Northern Philippines

Brown, R. M., C. Oliveros, C. D. Siler & A. C. Diesmos. 2008

We describe a new species of gekkonid lizard on the basis of 21 recently acquired specimens from Babuyan Claro Island, Babuyan Islands group, northern Philippines. The new species differs from other Philippine Gekko by characteristics of external morphology, color pattern, and body size. The new species has been found low on trunks and buttresses of mature closed-canopy climax forest trees at low elevation near the island’s coast. It is known from only Babuyan Claro Island and is likely endemic to this single small, isolated landmass. The remaining gekkonid fauna of the Babuyans and Batanes island groups is understudied and in need of comprehensive review.