New Species of the Genus Platymantis (Amhpibia; Anura; Ranidae) from Panay Island, Philippines

Siler, C. D., C. W. Linkem, A. C. Diesmos & A. C. Alcala. 2007

We describe a new species of forest frog (genus Platymantis) from 180–300 m above sea level on Mt. Lihidan in the northwestern part of Panay Island, Philippines. It is assigned to the Platymantis dorsalis species group and is distinguished from congeners by external morphology, various spectral and temporal components of the advertisement call, and a preference for terrestrial, limestone microhabitat. Unique morphological characters include a moderately large body (27.7–34.3 mm SVL for 15 males), slightly expanded terminal finger and toe discs, distinctly rugose dorsal and lateral skin, pronounced supratympanic fold, protuberant rictal tubercle cluster, hidden dorsal and posterior edges of tympanum, and unique coloration.